Bold Armagnac

Since 1882

Our History

Past, present, future…

Created in 1882 in Bas Armagnac region, the Samalens armagnacs produce racy, round and elegant eau de vie.

We are proud of our history and never cease to look to the future to create Armagnacs that meet requirements of the most demanding enthusiasts.



Combining tradition with a modern twist, the Samalens Distillery connects an edifying past with a future full of opportunities.

Our century-old column or double-distillation stills in combination with sophisticated ageing methods allow us to create trendy Armagnacs.

Our products

The range

  • V.S
  • V.S.O.P
  • Napoléon
  • XO
  • Vieille relique
  • Millésime
  • Single 8
  • Single 12
  • Single 15


Rich and racy, the VS is the perfect association for your cocktails and aperitifs.


A great classic, uniting roundness and character.


Link between the fieriness of youth and the delicacy of time, these eau de vie combine into an ideal and refined blend.


Modernity and sophistication, eau de vie for great enthusiasts.

Vieille Relique

Produced separately, made from a secret blend of at least 15-year-old eau de vie, this product is the personal signature of our cellar master.


A gateway to the secrets of time, our vintages are selected for their audacity and elegance. Reserved for connoisseurs.

Single 8 ans d'âge

With its pale bright yellow colour, the nose combines notes of vanilla, rose petals and dried fruit. The flavours are a blend of spices and flours.

Single 12 ans d'âge

Beautiful amber colour, the nose brings port wine and cinnamon to mind. The smoothness and the spices on the palate will make this perfect for a tasting on the rocks.

Single 15 ans d'âge

Amber to reddish-brown in colour, the nose brings out aromas of cedar, leather and tobacco. The mouth combines chocolate, candied fruit and balsamic flavours.

Serve at room temperature.